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  1. AirPlay screen is small or has black bars

  2. Android: I am a beta tester, I want to use the release version

  3. BitGym and VR/Headsets

  4. Black and white, scrambled video

  5. Blank or blank screen while using AirPlay or HDMI

  6. Camera not permitted access

  7. Can I play my own music?

  8. Can I use it free? Why is there a subscription?

  9. Can I use my account/subscription on multiple devices?

  10. Cardio Coach Blue, Green, Orange & Red Zones

  11. Circuit Organization

  12. Compatible heart rate monitors and where to buy them

  13. Crashing during playback on iOS

  14. Displaying BitGym on your television

  15. Exercise tracking in the BitGym app

  16. Exercise tracking in the Virtual Active app

  17. How do I cancel my subscription?

  18. How to change your billing information

  19. How to change your email login

  20. How to connect your heart rate monitor

  21. How to create a tracking issue report

  22. How to redeem coupons

  23. I had a premium subscription and purchased a year

  24. I have already subscribed. Why are some things locked?

  25. I purchased a year and got a PayPal or Amazon billing cancelation notice

  26. I've already subscribed, why am I in free mode?

  27. If video freezes during playback

  28. In-app purchases disabled

  29. iOS 10 crashes

  30. Loading Preview after purchase

  31. Music Not Playing

  32. No coached audio or nature sound on iOS

  33. Premium upgrade price just shows "Loading"

  34. Problems loggin in

  35. Problems restoring BitGym subscription

  36. Quit button stops working

  37. Restoring Virtual Active Purchases

  38. Using AirPlay to connect to a TV

  39. Using BitGym on Windows or Mac OSX Computers

  40. Using BitGym without an active internet connection

  41. Video buffers regularly

  42. Virtual Active crashing on iOS 4.3 devices

  43. What does RPE mean?

  44. What to do if Virtual Active downloads don't work

  45. White funnel or "V" shown at bottom of screen

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