How to create a tracking issue report

Occasionally someone in the community runs into an issue with the camera based tracking which isn't resolved by following the instructions on this page

In these cases it is very helpful of the community member will send us a short clip recorded from the perspective of the phone or tablet on the cardio machine. 

1. Simply place your phone or tablet on the bike as you normally would.
2. Launch the phone or tablets Camera app, and switch it to video mode. 
3. Switch the Camera app to use your front-facing camera, so that it can see you. 
3. Start the cardio machine, tap the "record" button in the camera app, and exercise for about 20 seconds.

Note: It's important that you try to recreate the conditions where the BitGym app was failing to track you correctly. This means you should be going at about the same speed and the lighting in the room should be about the same.

Once you have 20 seconds of video or more, end the recording and email us the video to review. We can plug the video you have recorded into our algorithm and will use it to improve the algorithm in the future. We also likely will be able to instruct you on what to do in the short term to fix the tracking. 

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