Circuit Organization

Use the orange "Change Circuit" button on the main screen to see our complete collection of circuits.
Any circuit with "Coach" or "Guided" in them will contain baked in coaching voice-over.
"Hike" circuits are walking speed, ideal for elliptical or treadmill use
"Adventure" circuits are running speed, urban, ideal for high speed elliptical or treadmill use
"Road Tour" and "Ride" circuits are biking speed, often on roads, and ideal for spin bikes.

Coached content nature sounds and coaching audio cannot be independently toggled. The video will also progress at a fixed speed once you are faster than the threshold (no speed variance).
Non-coached content will have toggle-able nature sounds, and no coaching voice-over. While in tracking mode, non-coached content will speed vary based on your exercise cadence.

These are recommended device suggestions, you can use any tour with any machine type.

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