Can I use it free? Why is there a subscription?

The free app from the store is primarily a means to try it and make sure it works with your exercise set up -- that it's compatible with your devices, can be easily mounted on your equipment, the lighting where you work out is good enough that our camera tracking works well, your internet is fast enough to stream the videos consistently, etc.

There are certain limits to the Free mode, but we hope it lets you give the app an honest try before you decide if you want to subscribe.
In the free mode, you get 10 minutes of working out, from a selection of a few tours. We may rotate this selection (about 10-15 tours) over time.

With the paid version you get unlimited access to our entire library -- all 70+ tours, each 35-45 minutes long, with no limit on workout timer. In addition you get other features like premium fitness tracker synchronizations, resuming where you left off on a location, beta access to new features, and more, but those are the key differences.

Our high quality tours are costly to produce -- travel, equipment, training and editing. We also have to shoulder the bandwidth costs of streaming our videos and providing download servers. In addition we constantly endeavor to improve the app and add new features that provide value to our users. There is no advertising within the app and never will be as we believe it'll detract from the immersive experience focused around nature and we wish to provide a premium experience to all of our users. All of this is supported solely by you, our subscribers.

Thank you for understanding and supporting us. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

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