How to connect your heart rate monitor

Using a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor is different than other Bluetooth devices you may have used. The largest difference is that you do NOT go to the Settings app and pair, and instead you discovery them from the connecting application directly. 
  1. Launch BitGym
  2. Select a tour, tap Next
  3. In the machine select panel, at the bottom, it should say "Connect Heartrate Monitor" - tap this button.
  4. Scanning for nearby heart rate monitors will start.
  5. Most heart rate monitors will only be discoverable while they are turned on and being worn. Many do not have an explicit on/off switch, and instead automatically turn themselves on when worn on the body. So, now is the right time to put on your monitor if it's not on yet. 
  6. In just a few seconds, you should see the monitor appear as a connectable option on the left side of the screen. Simply tap it to initialize a connection
Note: Bluetooth devices can only pair to one app at a time. Make sure to close out your background apps before connecting to a new app

BitGym will "remember" the last heart rate monitor you used with it. If you wear the monitor and launch BitGym, it should automatically discover and connect to that monitor for future workout sessions. 

This is a new feature and we expect there might be some issues. We haven't been able to test every heart rate monitor out there. Please don't hesitate to tap "Contact Support" and let us if you have trouble or suggestions. 

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