How to connect your heart rate monitor

NOTE: BitGym Android currently does not support Bluetooth HRM connections. If you wish to integrate HRM into your experience, you will need to use BitGym with an iOS device.

You can use a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor with BitGym which will give you the following benefits: your heart rate will be displayed on the screen, your caloric burn will be accurately calculated by BitGym, and your heart rate will be charted for the workout review at the end. 

Note that your heart rate monitor must fulfill the Bluetooth Smart HRM standard. Most chest straps do this, but many wrist worn sensors (such as a FitBit or Apple Watch) do NOT have this support. 

To pair your Bluetooth Smart device with BitGym: 
  1. Launch BitGym
  2. Select a tour, tap Next
  3. In the machine select panel, at the bottom, it should say "Connect Heart Rate Monitor" - tap this button.
  4. Scanning for nearby heart rate monitors will start.
  5. Most heart rate monitors will only be discoverable while they are turned on and being worn. Many do not have an explicit on/off switch, and instead automatically turn themselves on when worn on the body. So, now is the right time to put on your monitor if it's not on yet. 
  6. In just a few seconds, you should see the monitor appear as a connectable option on the left side of the screen. Simply tap it to initialize a connection
  7. If you do not see it come up, it might be that it is already paired with another application in the background. Bluetooth Smart devices can only pair with one app at a time, and you may need to the launch the other up and explicitly unpair first.
Not working? Check the following: 
  1. Is another application connected to the HRM? Perhaps the Wahoo app, or Strava, etc. Only one app can be paired at a time, so disconnect or try force closing the other app. 
  2. You should NOT pair the HRM with iOS directly. If you did this in the settings app for iOS it will not pair with other apps as a Smart Bluetooth device anymore. 
  3. Ensure the HRM is being worn. Many of them turn off to save power if they don't detect a heart beat. 

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