How do I cancel my subscription?

If you purchased your subscription through your Android device or our secure website:

Visit to view, manage and cancel any subscriptions by entering the email you registered with BitGym.

If you purchased your subscription through your iOS device:

You can cancel it with the following procedure:
1. Launch the "settings" app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
2. Tap '"iTunes & App Store" on the left.
3. Tap on your AppleID on the top right of the screen.
4. Tap "View Apple ID" on the popup.
5. Tap "Manage App Subscriptions" and you can see and cancel subscriptions on the following screen.

If you are have problems with steps 1-5 above, please see Apple's official support article on managing App Store subscriptions: . If you have any difficulty finding or canceling your iTunes subscription, contact Apple support.

Due to the way Apple handles iTunes subscriptions, we at BitGym are unable to modify your iTunes subscription from our end. If you do not see the subscription in your settings, contact Apple support and ask them which Apple accounts are tied to your payment method, it may be different than the one currently on your iOS device

Once you cancel, you will not be charged at your next renewal date. Your premium subscription will continue up until the date it was scheduled to renew. If you have any questions don't hesitate to file a support ticket with us.

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