Using BitGym without an active internet connection

BitGym supports offline workouts so that you can use our app even in a home or public gym where there is poor or no WiFi access.

Preparing for offline
While still connected to an active internet connection (eg at home), launch BitGym, log in with your email and password, and select an available tour. Tap the download button in the top-right. On Android devices, if there is an SD card installed on the device, the tour will attempt to download to it. Each tour is about 1GB in size, and may take a while depending on your internet speed, SD card speed and how new your device is. The tour is downloaded in a compressed format, and requires an additional 1.5GB of space to decompress (this space is free again after the decompression is done). Thus, if your device has less than 2GB of space free, the download may not start giving an error. Please free up space before attempting to download if you see this error.

When you close the app, do not log out as you cannot log back in without internet, and cannot access any content while logged out.

Note for Android Users: Do not install the app to the SD card. This will slow down the app, cause memory errors, and download issues. The app itself takes up less than 50MB, and even when installed to the internal memory, will download tours to the SD card, so there's no need to move the app to the SD card.

Using offline mode
If you open BitGym while the device cannot connect to the internet at all (WiFi off, no network, extremely poor connection), it will automatically enter offline mode. If the app opens like normal, but the connection is too poor to experience the tours normally, you can ensure you are only using offline content by choosing "Change Circuit" > "Local Circuit". All tours here are those you downloaded. Note that this selection is only available once you have downloaded at least one tour.
Things to note
Some things to note when using the app in offline mode
- No checkpoint progress is tracked in the Local Circuit. User tour progress is stored in realtime to the cloud, which cannot be done without internet, so instead all checkpoints for downloaded tours are unlocked automatically. If you wish to complete a certain tour in a circuit, it needs to be launched from the circuit (and have at least a slow but active internet connection).
- Sometimes we find errors in the tours (fact errors, sound files missing, checkpoint information variations, etc) and we update these on our servers. The only way your locally downloaded tours will get corrected is to delete and redownload the tour.
- If you launch a tour you have downloaded from a circuit other than the local circuit while on the internet, it will still use the downloaded version (to reduce your bandwidth usage and to use the local high quality content). So if you know a tour is downloaded, you don't have to go into offline mode to use the local version!
- Uninstalling and reinstalling the app may wipe all your downloads and you will have to redownload them.

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