I've already subscribed, why am I in free mode?

This situation can usually be addressed by following the steps below:

Monthly subscription - Android and iOS
At the start of every billing cycle, your version of BitGym needs to connect to the internet to update the membership paid-through date. If you regularly use BitGym in offline mode/without internet, it may not have had a chance to do this following your latest payment. Please launch BitGym once while connected to the internet, wait a while, and then check your account through the app to verify that the paid-through date has been updated.

Monthly subscription - iTunes (iOS)
iTunes subscriptions are managed by Apple and not BitGym. Your subscription is tied to the iTunes account that is logged in at the time you subscribed. If you have multiple Apple devices with different iTunes accounts, note that the iTunes account who owns the active subscription needs to be connected to the internet to register the payment and update the paid-through date. Preferably, keep the same iTunes account that owns the subscription logged in to the device you use BitGym on, so that this issue cannot occur. We unfortunately cannot transfer subscriptions across iTunes accounts, as it is managed by Apple and not us.

Monthly subscription - Credit card expiry
If your credit card expires preventing your subscription from extending through the new billing cycle, and you subscribe through iTunes, please update the payment information in your iTunes profile. If you paid through our secure website, cancel your current subscription and resubscribe using your new credit card via https://www.bitgym.com/profile .

Annual/other membership
Once you make the purchase we update your membership date to the latest date possible. If you are seeing free mode, please verify that the email you are using to log into BitGym strictly matches that you used when signing up. You can view membership state by logging into https://www.bitgym.com/profile.

If you have any concerns after checking all of these steps get back in touch with us via an email to support@bitgym.com

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