Exercise tracking in the BitGym app

BitGym's patented cardio tracking technology uses the front facing camera built into your phone or tablet to determine your exercise cadence. If you are having problems using it, please consult the following guide.

1. Ensure correct device placement on the machine or nearby shelf.


2. Make sure the camera can see you. 


3. Be aware of these special problems.

If you want to switch the app into manual tracking please do the following.

  1. First, select and start a tour.
  2. Once it starts, you can tap the screen anywhere which will slide up a "tours settings" menu.
  3. Right below the half-circle speed indicator, there is a button which reads, "switch to manual" which will disable the visual cadence tracking and turn on a manual mode.
  4. You can also adjust the speed off playback by swiping left and right on the half-circle. 

Also remember you can project the app onto your television! See the guide here

If you don’t have a built in magazine rack on your cardio machine, or if you don’t like the placement, there are alternative solutions.

There are a growing number of purpose made tablet mounts which can attach to your cardio machine. Like this one on amazon. 

The Flexible Solution

Check out these Spider Podium products by Breffo. They are made of 8 flexible-yet-firm arms, so while 4 grab the iPad or iPhone, the other 4 can grip onto the cardio machine. 

They come in iphone and ipad sizes, and are usually found cheapest on amazon – see all spider podium products on amazon

The Cheap Solution

A good cheap solution ($5-$10) is a iPad or iPhone case combined with velcro tape. First we get a cheapo snap-on cover like this one:

And then we add a piece of velcro tape to the back of the cover, as well as to the cardio machine. We also like sticking more tape all around the house where one might want to mount an ipad/iphone.

slim cover amazon link
velcro amazon link

The Slick Solution

Scosche makes a very shiny mount that may work for some people:

link to product

The RAM Mount

RAM sells an interchangeable system of iPad and iPhone mounting products. They can get either one of those devices mounted onto just about anything, from a spin bike handlebar to a cardio machine. Finding the right parts can be tricky, we suggest checking if they are in stock at amazon first, then moving on to google product search.

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