Problems restoring BitGym subscription

If you are being asked to purchase a BitGym subscription but believe you are already paying please read the following. 

There are two ways to subscribe to BitGym. You can pay through iTunes app store subscriptions or directly to BitGym. If you're paying directly to BitGym, you can manage this by visiting and logging in. 

If you are paying via iTunes app store subscriptions and you are not showing up as a premium user in the BitGym application it means the current BitGym installation is not connected to the iTunes subscription. 

1. You can use the "restore" button to tell BitGym to check if the current iTunes user logged into the iPhone or iPad has an active iTunes subscription to BitGym. Tapping the button will ask for your iTunes password before performing this check.

2. If this check fails, it might mean that your iTunes subscription is no longer active. You can check if the subscription is valid using these instructions from Apple:

3. If using the instructions above you do not see an active subscription for BitGym, but you are being billed, it might mean that a different iTunes user has the active subscription. You will need to change back to your other iTunes user inside of the Settings app before restoring the subscription from BitGym will work as expected. 

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